Website is Finally Live!

After a lot of technical issues, my website is out for the world to see. Thanks for taking a look! I hope you'll come back soon to see what new things I get up to. You can connect with me on social media for frequent updates (buttons at the bottom of the page) - feel free to say hello!

So, since starting my business on 1st February, I've spent a lot of time setting everything up and also working on a lot of commissions. Took a bit of a downturn health-wise recently, which has slowed my progress, but I'm mostly back to normal now. Here's my studio as of yesterday. I'm happy with how it's coming along! My wee creative haven.

The biggest thing on the go at the moment is my comic. My first ever attempt at something of this scale, and I'm a bit scared, but it's so exciting. Nothing quite like a looming deadline to push you to new heights!

I'll have more for you guys to look at soon.
Peace! x